Marra’kesh a Glimpse of Life in Morocco

June 16, 2017

Feel Good Friday

When traveling in Marrakesh, Morocco, Alyx walked past this family-owned fabric shop every day on her way into town.  She was intrigued by Marra’catching a glimpse into this Moroccan family’s life and each morning she watched as they hand-wove the fabric into vibrant works of art.

She found there was something particularly unique about the Moroccan s’tile

with its cera’mix and match…

of man-made and natural beauty.

And she wanted to carry a constant reminder of this beau-tea-ful country...

while sharing a piece of it with others too.  So she brought back that handwoven fabric from Marrakesh, Morocco for her line of Morocco totes:

Morocco Tote (by Alyx Bean)

(Morocco Tote by Alyx Bean)

Here’s to those moments where you Marra’kesh a glimpse of life in a new culture and to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

PS.  Plus a few Mo’rockin’ fabrics brought back by other travelers who wanted to share a piece of their destination’s culture too:

American Samoa Tote (by Marcela Trocha)

(American Samoa Tote by Marcela Trocha)

Cameroon Tote (by Danielle Chambers)

(Cameroon Tote by Danielle Chambers)

Gambia Tote (by Jacqueline K.)

(Gambia Tote by Jacqueline K.)

Guatemala Tote (by Cecille Tapia-Santiago & Nancy Zicker)

(Guatemala Tote by Cecille Tapia-Santiago & Nancy Zicker)

Malawi Tote (by Lesley M.)

(Malawi Tote by Lesley M.)

Sri Lanka Tote (by Izabela Jay)

(Sri Lanka Tote by Izabela Jay)


(Find fabric on your next trip)

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