Bene'fish'ial Traditions

June 02, 2017

Feel Good Friday

Fishing is a worldwide way of life.  In countries where other traditions have come to a hull’t, traditional fishing boats live on.  And buoy, are these boats bow’rn to hit the open ocean!

In Indonesia, fisherman seas the day with small wooden canoes or "Junkung" fishing boats.

Small coastal towns in Ecuador have their own technique for fishing.  Day oar night, these boats are prepped and wheeled out to spend several days on the water.

From the Botswanan "mokoro", to the Belizean sailboat, to the Filipino "banca", fisherman have mast’ered life on the water and the art of fishing flourishes...


It comes as no surprise that fish play a part in many cultures and are sail’ebrated through their traditional fabrics too.  So we thought it was time to add some of these o’fish’ial fabrics to the Taaluma collection…

Ecuador Tote (Limited)

(Ecuador Tote - Limited)

Indonesia Tote (Limited)

(Indonesia Tote - Limited)

Plus a few more fabrics from other coastal countries where fishing is tide up in their culture too...

Guatemala Tote (Limited)

(Guatemala Tote - Limited)

Peru Tote (Limited)

(Peru Tote - Limited)

South Africa Tote (Limited)

(South Africa Tote - Limited)

Here’s to this bene’fish’ial tradition and to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

(Find fabric on your next trip)

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