Morocco Tote (by Alyx Bean)

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Traditional fabric from Marrakesh, Morocco brought to you by traveler Alyx Bean.

"Marrakesh, Morocco is a very vibrant and bustling city, well known for its desert landscape and large souk markets. In the search for fabric, I discovered a local family business that creates hand-loom woven textiles. The weaving process is slow and tedious, but results in beautiful authentic designs such as the one I selected. This particular fabric is spun from both cotton, and cactus silk thread, a material popularly used in Morocco and becoming globally known as the “vegan alternative” to silk. When asked, a local Moroccan friend identified this design as being the one that felt most like home."—Alyx Bean

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Alyx Bean:  For traveler Alyx, an adventure in a new country begins by chatting with local strangers. With each conversation, bit-Dubai-bit she can feel her perspective on life change. She loves trying local food at every occ-Asian she can. By the end of the trip, Alyx makes sure to find a particularly meaningful souvenir to bring back home and remind her of that India-earing adventure.

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