Un’teal next time, Philippines!

Un’teal next time, Philippines!

Feel Good Friday

As a country made up of 7,500 islands, the Philippines is a coastal wonderland.  With its long coast line and tropical climate, it is filled with natural blue’ty!

Philippines Coast

Whether you wander to the tops of its hills...

Philippines Hill Tops

Head deep into its jungles…

Philippines Jungle

Or dive down under its waters…

Philippines Under Water

Its fer’teal lands and s’teal waters will take your breath away!

So traveler Yvonne is u’teal’izing this Filipino fabric to bring a taste of the Philippines to the Taaluma collection:

Philippines Tote (by Yvonne Tanbonliong)

(Philippines Tote by Yvonne Tanbonliong)

And here are a few more tex’teal’s brought back by other travelers too!

China Tote (by Alyx Bean)

(China Tote by Alyx Bean)

Indonesia Tote (by Addie Ryan)

(Indonesia Tote by Addie Ryan)

Malawi Tote (by Jenna Hoezee)

(Malawi Tote by Jenna Hoezee)

Spain Tote (by Claire Wood)

(Spain Tote by Claire Wood)

Tanzania Tote (by Allison Eriksen)

(Tanzania Tote by Allison Eriksen)

Here’s un’teal next time Philippines, and to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

(Find fabric on your next trip)

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