64 Reasons to Smile

Central Vietnam is home to several different ethnic tribes, each with its own language and its own way of life. While it’s one of the country’s poorest regions, it’s still full of love, dreams, and smiles.
And because of your support, Taaluma Totes was able to fund several microloans to these tribes, giving them access to the capital they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise.
From Yen, who used her microloan to restock supplies at her small general store.
To Loan, who used her loan to install a clean water system at her farm.
To Le, who used her loan to do essential repairs on her farm.

Because of your support, we’ve been able to fund 64 microloans this past year - and more coming soon! That’s 64 small business owners who are dedicated to improving the lives of their families and local communities. By providing goods and services at increased quantities, more people have access to food, jobs, and a better quality of life. That’s 64 good reasons to smile!

Here’s to finding every reason there is to smile & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team


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