Peru Tote (by Erica Fernette)

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Fabric from Cusco, Peru brought to you by traveler Erica Fernette.

"I had to hunt high and low for a fabric store while on my trip in Peru. In broken Spanish I asked so many locals where a fabric store could be found and was happily directed to many locations, unfortunately many ended up being just clothing stores - obviously a result of my poor Spanish! On the last day of the trip I was finally able to find a fabric store! There were so many amazing colors and patterns. I chose this beautiful bright and colorful fabric that I felt embodies the vibrancy of the country and its people!" —Erica Fernette

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Erica Fernette:  What makes a Peru’fect trip for Erica? One of her favorite pastimes when traveling is to find a bench in a town square or a seat at an outdoor coffee shop and watch the world around her. Those are the Thai’mes she soaks up all the unique aspects of a new place. She likes to try new foods each chance she gets and meet new people along the way.

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