Mozambique Tote (by Melissa Erikson)

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Traditional fabric from Beira, Mozambique brought to you by traveler Melissa Erikson.

"The shop owner, Irfan, has his store tucked away on a crowded side street in the middle of the Beira. Before you even step foot inside, your eyes are treated to a stunningly lit display of colors, fabrics, and exotic designs. Once through the door, it's floor to ceiling product: pre-cut capulanas on shelves, bulk fabric still in its shipping packaging, fellow employees sorting, measuring, and moving inventory. For a shop the size of a small living room, the place is as busy and full of customers as anything seen in the middle of any given downtown in the States. Best of all, despite the high volume of customers, Irfan manages to greet every individual, give them his time, and make sure they walk away with a capulana they both can enjoy and afford." —Melissa Erikson

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Melissa Erikson: After Melissa's Ger-many travels, she has found that recording and commentary are her two favorite ways to capture her journey. She lives for those India-earing moments chatting with locals, and learning about a country’s past brings her at Japan-ease. Melissa tries to capture as many of these moments as she can on camera to bring her back to that re-Italy for years to come…

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