India Tote (by Leonore Lakshmanan)

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Traditional fabric from Chennai, India brought to you by traveler Leonore Lakshmanan.

"The fabric is typically used in daily life in women’s wear, such as the kurta (the long, tunic-like shirt typically worn over the local style of leggings). In fact, after I purchased the fabric, I met my niece for lunch and she was wearing a kurta that had a print very similar to one of the fabrics." —Leonore Lakshmanan

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  • Made in USA
  • Fits a 15" laptop
  • Passport pocket inside


Leonore Lakshmanan:  Leonore loves to Peru’se a new country in search of a new understanding of every day life. Throughout each of her Ger’many adventures in Australia, Asia and Europe, she Singa’pores her heart into learning the lay of the land and how that effects the local art, music and textiles. For Leonore, the TurKEY to travel is learning from new cultures. It opens her mind to a new re-Italy and a different way of seeing life!

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