Honduras Tote (by Zoey Wexler)

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Traditional fabric from Honduras brought to you by traveler Zoey Wexler.

"I traveled to Choluteca, Honduras to get the fabric. I absolutely love the city and the country because of the natural beauty that it holds. Me, my mom, her friend every year travels to Honduras on a mission trip. Everyone is welcome to join and every year we travel to the same village to help them out. We take on a new task every year like building a house, or water wells and latrines so that this small impoverished community can experience a better life. My mom and I sponsor a family down there and we buy them food and clothes so that they do not have to worry about how they are feeding their families and whatnot." —Zoey Wexler

  • Limited Edition:  Only 3 made
  • Made in USA
  • Fits a 15" laptop
  • Passport pocket inside


Zoey Wexler: We hope that our small efforts every year will make a big impact in the long run. I love going to this small smoothie shop there called Angelou's! It has such amazing both ice and milk-based smoothies which is something I look forward to every year we go. It is so fun to sit with everyone who went on the trip and enjoy an amazing delicious drink. It is something I can't get in the states and I cannot wait to visit that spot every year we go. That is where I took the photo of me in front of the angel wings. I also get super excited when I get to see my little friend Miriam again. She is a girl I sponsor in the village and it feels so amazing to have her remember me! When we see each other she runs up to me and we give each other a huge hug and then she never wants me to put her down! She is so adorable and I love her so much.

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