We’re Back!

We're back! 

After being sold out for a few months, we're ready to get back to what we do best - making cheesy puns about our new totes. 

That being said..

Hoo doesn't love a good tote pun? I'm talon you, we think they're owl-ways a good idea.

Sometimes our puns are colorful, sometimes they're black and white. Either way, we hope you think they are solar-ious!

Sometimes we plan them and sometimes we just wing it. Whether you like puns or whether they bug you, at least we know a cute tote will be love at first flight.

We Toky'our time making sure these totes turned out great. Thank you very mochi for your patience, we're miso happy to be back!

Here’s to getting back to doing what you love & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team


P.S. Plus a few more totes we know you’ll love so matcha!

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