Let's Give it a Whirl'd!

December 30, 2016

Feel Good Friday

If you're traveling in 2017 and ready to wander off the beaten path, through local markets...

Tanzania Market
(Traveler Kayla Griffith in Shinyanga, Tanzania)

family workshops...

Chinese Water Village
(Traveler Alyx Bean in Wuzhen, China)

and hidden storefronts...

Greece fabric shop
(Traveler Kaytlyn Croy in Athens, Greece)

Let’s give it a whirl’d!  Try something tote-ally new on your next trip. Dive deeper into a new culture, meet the locals and learn about traditions through their traditional fabric. Then bring a piece of that culture back home and share it with others too! 

Travelers in 2016 took us to...

2016 Traveler Edition Totes

Where will 2017 take you?

Learn more about finding fabric HERE and get started.

Here’s to giving this world a whirl and to feeling good—because after all, it’s 2017!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

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