A Kenyan Game Changer

A Kenyan Game Changer

Feel Good Friday

As a college athlete, Brittany grew up with sports on her mind and endorphins in her blood.  But she didn’t expect her university trip to Lunga Lunga, Kenya to be the GAME changer that it was...

One afternoon, Brittany bought a soccer ball in town to play with some of the children…but it was actually a group of women who gravitated to the ball first.  With each kick, pass and volley, they went from feeling on DE’FENSE about soccer to feeling totally hooked.  Brittany’s GOAL then became clear...to share her love of sports with these women in Kenya.

Brittany asked the women how she could help bring more opportunities to play soccer. Did they need equipment? Or coaching? But what they asked for was simple…to help setup a women’s soccer league.  Together with the women of Lunga Lunga, Brittany created the Nikumbuke Women’s Soccer League in rural Kenya.

FastFORWARD two years and the league is now made up of 7-10 teams from neighboring villages. And with each “Nikumbuke World Cup” more villages gain interest—forming their own teams to participate too.

The league has KICKed off a whole new community of active women in the area.  Through soccer, women are CROSSing village borders and connecting with other communities.

Now Brittany’s crossing one more border—bringing us her league’s local fabric to connect these communities with you…

Kenya Tote (by Brittany Ammerman)

(Kenya Tote by Brittany Ammerman)

Kenya Tote (by Brittany Ammerman)

(Kenya Tote by Brittany Ammerman)

Here’s to never PASSing up an opportunity to connect with others and to feeling good—because after all, it's Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

PS.  Plus a few more gloBALLy sourced fabrics from other travelers...

Botswana Tote (by Katie McCarthy)

(Botswana Tote by Katie McCarthy)

Ghana Tote (by Karen Duca)

(Ghana Tote by Karen Duca)

India Tote (by Ektaa Deora)

(India Tote by Ektaa Deora)

Madagascar Tote (by Isabelle S.)

(Madagascar Tote by Isabelle S.)

Thailand Tote (by Susan Breckbill)

(Thailand Tote by Susan Breckbill)

United Arab Emirates Tote (by Twana Brooks)

(United Arab Emirates Tote by Twana Brooks)


(Find fabric on your next trip)

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