Holla'ween Fun

October 28, 2022

Happy Friday and (almost) Halloween!

Here are some Holland facts that are so Dutch fun!

  • Holland consists of 2 of the 12 provinces in the Netherlands. The 3 biggest cities in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and the Hague) are all located in Holland. ‘Dam!
  • Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges. Now that’s riveting.
  • Amsterdam has over 250 coffee shops. That’s a whole latte of good vibes. 
  • Amsterdam is built on over a million wooden poles extending about 30-40 feet into the ground. Wow, trees must be a poplar source for building materials there.
  • Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe. Maybe that is how they can ex-port so much cheese? Hmm, gouda question.

Holland Tote

Here’s to having a Holl’y Jolly Halloween & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team

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