A Cap-tivating World

September 16, 2016

Feel Good Friday

There’s something somb-rare-o about a hat.  It’s the one accessory that people all over the world seem to f-adore-a.  The world is filled to the brim with endless varieties and little by lid-le they help us see we’re not so different after all!

Whether used for sun-protection in Central America…

Central America Hats

Or ceremonial gatherings in Asia…

Asia Hats

Or everyday market errands in Africa…

Africa Hats

Hats have beanie keeping heads covered in even the farthest away lands.  So we’re celebrating this worldwide cap-tivation with a hat-trick of our own:

Mexico Tote (Limited)

Mexico Tote (Limited)

Indonesia Tote (Limited)

Indonesia Tote (Limited)

South Africa Tote (Limited)

South Africa Tote (Limited)

Here’s to tipping our hat to the hats of the world, and to feeling good—because after all, it’s Friday!

Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

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Dreaming & Bolivian

October 23, 2020

Bolivia is a beautiful and diverse country in South America.

It’s known for its awesome Andes mountains and for having lots of llamas (¿Como te llama?).

Over the years, we’ve been able to help six awesome businesses in Bolivia.

From Señora Natalia and "Las 11 Estrellas" (The Eleven Stars), who own a company selling blankets in El Alto. They used their microloan to buy wool so that they could make more blankets and grow their business.

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Simply Un-Bali-vable

October 16, 2020

“We made a guided bike tour through Indonesia from Bali to Komodo – beginning in Bali eastbound to the vast unknown islands Sumbawa, Moyo, Satonda, Komodo, Rinca and Flores.

A beautiful old sailing boat brought us to the coast of different islands and our bike tour took us through remote little villages with very friendly and curious people."

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The Intangible
The Intangible

October 09, 2020

Traveler Priscilla visited Uganda and found something Uganda love.

“The fabric was found in Gulu, Uganda where over 30 years of civil war ensued at the hands of Joseph Kony and the LRA rebels. 

The town is incredibly vibrant despite the devastating effects of war that can still be seen. 

There are many amazing groups in the area doing incredible work to bring about hope and healing to these people in the aftermath of the war, but wars like these are entirely preventable." - Traveler Priscilla Cheng

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