Cambodia Tote (by Tim Gibson)

Fabric from Phnom Penh, Cambodia brought to you by traveler Tim Gibson.

"The Olympic Market in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, is already a hot and sweaty place at 10am. I felt the same, having spent 30 hours getting there via three flights from New York. I had been told this was THE place to find Cambodian fabrics. It took some finding too, but on the second floor I spotted bolts of fabric and knew I had arrived. The everyday clothing for rural women [is] a square cut jacket, buttoning down the front, worn untucked and a pair of loose fitting pants, all made from the same material. Or perhaps mix and not match. Cambodians do not have our need for matching or just what will go with what. Literally anything goes, which can cause a westerner to blink more than once. It is all lightweight, as Cambodia has two seasons - hot and hotter and wet. Mrs. Tom was happy to pull out bolt after bolt and in a rather bleary-eyed state I made my pick. Her teenage son [carried] the heavy parcel down to my waiting tuk-tuk and I was off to the airport, my mission accomplished." —Tim Gibson

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  • Limited Edition:  Only 61 made.
  • Made in USA
  • Fits a 15" laptop
  • Passport pocket inside


Tim Gibson:  To say Tim likes to travel is only the beginning of the story…Poland was Tim’s 158th country he had visited and the count continues to grow. He has explored all 7 continents, and of all the places that he visited, there was something about Africa that really made him feel Mali’ve. He has started to support a foundation in Mali that builds schools in remote areas and it has taken his Egypt’sy soul to the country a number of times. With “explorer” in his blood, Tim is a real-life citizen of the globe!

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