Tanz’ of Entrepreneurs

February 11, 2022

There are Tanz’ of small business owners in Tanzania who work long hours to serve their communities. 

And Tanz’ of them are motivated to help improve their communities even more. 

Some want to buy more seeds that will increase their crop yield so they can feed more people in their village,

while others want to buy healthy vegetables to sell to locals at their small “duka” (“shop” in Swahili).

Some want to expand their inventory of clothing so they can give back to the school where they volunteer at each week, 

while others want to buy tables and chairs for their restaurant so customers can sit down and enjoy their meal in a friendly environment.

Whether it’s through food to feed the village, outfits to clothe the community, or computers to teach the next generation,

Tanz’ of entrepreneurs give so much to their local communities. 

So how do we help them? 

By giving them microloans!

Each Taaluma tote funds an interest-free microloan for an entrepreneur who is dedicated to improving their local community.

By providing access to capital (that normally isn’t available anywhere else), small business owners in countries around the world can get the resources they need to help more people in a greater capacity.

And when the entrepreneur repays the microloan, we use their payment to purchase more fabric from that county, starting the cycle all over again.


Here’s to impacting Tanz’ of people in your lifetime & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team


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