A Farmer’s Field

May 07, 2021

Agriculture is the backbone of Myanmar’s economy. 

There are lots of farmers in Myanmar who work hard to support themselves, their families, and their villages with jobs and food. 

However, many banks don’t offer capital to farmers for them to purchase enough seeds, equipment, or animals to run their farms efficiently. Due to this, farm productivity in Myanmar is one of the lowest in all of Asia. 

That’s why we’ve given microloans to several farmers in Myanmar so they can invest the capital they need to expand their businesses.  

Like Nan (standing in the middle), who grows chilies and corn. 

Nan is an a-maize-ing person and puts all her energy into tending her farm! We gave her a microloan to buy seeds for her three acre field so she could have a bigger harvest this year. 

And Thandar (standing in the middle with members of her team: Lu, Myint, San, and Kyaw), who grows peanuts and sesame. 

Thandar is nuts about farming and we wanted to support her passion by giving her a microloan. In her own words, she “will use this loan to buy fertilizer, seeds and to hire laborers who will help us grow more crops.”

And Khin (standing on the left), who raises baby goats (awwww!) to eventually sell them to families at the local market. 

He’s goat several years of experience under his belt raising animals and is currently raising fifteen goats. We gave him a microloan so he could buy better quality feed so his goats could grow healthier and stronger. 

When you support us, you’re also supporting farmers (and their families and villages) like this all over the world. Here’s to helping out our a-maize-ing farmers!


And here’s to always trying your best, no matter what field you’re in, & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team

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