A Brighter Future

April 01, 2022

Joan traveled across the globe to Uganda, not for a sightseeing trip, but to volunteer at a school in a rural village.

She is a part of an awesome group that built a school in the village of Kassunga. The school has a well, solar power, and many classrooms and bathrooms.

With over 600 enrolled students, there sure are a lot of smiles to go around!

Her group’s mission is all about creating a better future for the children of the village. Through education and a safe environment, they will grow up with the skills and knowledge to improve their village, take care of their families, and enjoy a better quality of life.

So awesome!

And Joan still managed to bring us back fabric to make totes out of! Double awesome!

Here’s to bringing out your inner child & to feeling good - because after all, it’s Friday.

-the Taaluma Team

P.S. Plus another tote Uganda love. Traveler Dave is also a part of the awesome group working to improve the futures of children in Kassunga, Uganda!


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