Feeling Mali-ve

Feeling Mali-ve

Feel Good Friday

If you’ve ever Benin this colorful continent, there’s no doubt that “A-frican love this place!” came to mind.  It’s something that happens Sudan-ly.  Uganda try and prepare yourself, but it’s Ghana happen when you least expect it.  After all, Kenya imagine a more colorful place Togo?

From Rwandering over the green hills of East Africa…

East Africa

To making your Zimbabwe through the blue underwater caves of Southern Africa...

Southern Africa

And finding your Egypsy-soul while exploring the golden deserts of North Africa...

North Africa

The colors of Africa will make you feel Mali-ve!  And we're kicking our Djibouti into gear by bringing you more of Africa’s brightest colors with the new Limited Mali Tote:

New Limited Mali Tote

(Shop New Mali Tote)

So here’s to exploring Africa as far as you Congo and to feeling good—because after all, it's Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders
(Travelers: @nick.carr, @klord1111, @caitlani9)

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