White Elephant Totes

White Elephant Totes

Pheel Good Phriday

This phunny-looking, phour-legged animal is a worldwide phavorite. And some pholks go as phar as traveling across the world to meet one in person… 

Meet an Elephant

But Thailand takes the cake for #1 elephant phan.  As a matter of phact, the White Elephant is their symbol of phortune and you can phind statues of these phriendly phellows at every Thai temple…

White Elephant Temples

As we prep phor our own season of White Elephants, it’s only phair we pay tribute to these gentle giants with a White Elephant phabric of our own…

 White Elephant Tote

So here’s to Pheeling Good—because after all, it’s Phriday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

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