Totin' Everest!

April 24, 2015

Feel Good Friday

We have a habit of adding new places to Taaluma’s bucket list faster than we can check them off. But there's one place that sits not only on top of our list, but on top of the world...

Everest Base Camp

With it's towering mountains, 360 degree views, and prayer flags galore...Mt Everest will TOTE-ally blow your mind!

Mind Blowing!

But no trip to Nepal is complete without setting our sights on new fabric. And these yaks just wouldn’t let their “yak-pack” fabrics be ignored.


So to celebrate checking Nepal's Mt. Everest off the bucket list, we have 2 new Nepal totes to share with the world.

 Nepal Tote Nepal Tote

These beauties will be available to everyone else in 24 hours, but we're sharing them with you and the Feel Good Friday family now:

Sneak Peek of 4 New Totes

So here’s to literally being on top of the world, and to feeling good—because after all it’s Friday!

-Jack & Alley, Co-Founders

(Traveler: @heyhay721)


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