Because you Belize life is either
an India-earing adventure
or nothing at Nepal.  And in the end, you're Ghana remember the moments
that left you at a Laos for words.
You're Syria-sly young and you're
Hungary to learn,
so travel and travel Samoa
as far and as widely as possible.
Peru-se the streets.  Chile with the locals.
Remember the only thing worth Russian to is the un-Bolivia-able sun set each night.
Learn how to live in other people's re-Italy,
how they cook, how they work, and
get Thai-ed up in adventures
—wherever you Congo.
We traveled across 3 continents in the summer of 2012.  When we returned home, we started Taaluma Totes to carry a reminder that there’s a whole world out there...a tote-ally awesome world filled with awesome people in awesome placeswho can all be connected through a single backpack.
Carry a Country and connect the world with us!
-Jack & Alley


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