Where Are the Totes?

It's a long story...but the short answer is



For those of you wanting the full story...

Don’t worry, we have NOT been abducted by aliens and we’re NOT going anywhere.

...more totes are on the way, we promise!

We are really thankful for your patience this past year, especially as we sold out of most of our totes in recent months. We know this is not what you anticipated. Neither did we! 

When the pandemic first started, our manufacturing was deemed “non-essential” so we stopped production. We thought it would only be for a few weeks...boy, were we wrong!!! 

Three months later, we received notice that we needed to find a new building to make our totes in. The news hit us hard and the whole Taaluma team was sad to leave a place we loved. 

It took us till November to find a new facility that would work. So we packed up our materials and machines and drove to our new facility.

After an awesome production run in January, we were forced into another production shut down.

By July, we finally got the green light to resume production. After basically being shutdown for a little over a year, we had our talented hands go through an updated training so that the quality of the new totes would be better than ever before!

While each setback was hard (we’ll admit there were some tears), we are so grateful that we are so close to serving you again.

Here are some of our “epiphanies” of the past year:

  • Life is much easier when you have a purpose so deep that any obstacle is “conquerable”. Quitting was never an option for us because our soul is deeply connected to the mission of Taaluma. Through this, we’ve learned a purpose pulls you through the hard times and keeps you grounded in good times.
  • Manufacturing in the USA is great! Even though it costs more than overseas (yep, we’re talking about you China), it would have been much more difficult solving manufacturing problems if we made our totes overseas. Still difficult, but much easier when you live where you manufacture.
  • Taaluma customers are awesome! Ok, we already knew that but we were reminded of it many times this year. Thank you for your encouraging messages and the love you share for experiencing new cultures and making a positive difference in communities around the world. 

Ok, now back to the totes.

We are super excited to announce that we will be releasing new totes in October!

And while we can’t release a full list of the totes we will be dropping, here are some hints:

  • 3 countries that have never had a Taaluma tote before will be “Taaluma’d”!!! (yeah, we like to make up words…. Taaluma’ism is another one but we still need to make up a definition for it)
  • Athletes from all over the world were just competing for gold, silver, and bronze in a beautiful country that is tote-ally full of culture. What better way to honor the country than with its own special tote line. Spoiler: These totes will definitely win a gold!
  • An animal that’s always a phan favorite will de’ph-initely appear on a new tote. We think it will be a GIANT success. 

Can’t wait to see you in October!

- the Taaluma Team

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